Let’s Be Clear Here Gel Cleanser – 5 oz

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This powerful gel cleanser is packed with natural astringents like cajeput, witch hazel and rosemary that help clarify breakouts and prevent future blemishes.

Skin type: acne with large pores

What it does:
• Suppresses and eliminates acne-causing bacteria with cajeput oil
• Witch hazel and rosemary speeds blemish healing and prevents future breakouts
• Controls excess oil and purifies clogged pores with balancing palmarosa oil

Key Ingredients:

Cajeput Oil: An antiseptic and astringent essential oil that suppresses acne-causing bacteria lurking in your pores.
Palmarosa Oil: A balancing essential oil that helps control excess oil and purify pores.
Witch Hazel: A skin-soothing extract rich in tannins that reduce sebum production and combat acne.

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