WaxOne’s Corporate Vision
“We do not strive to be the ‘World’s largest’ but rather every customers best supplier and partner in waxing technology helping them achieve success with superior products.  Important because we are the basic resource of our customers business.  Successful because our products provide a solid foundation to their success.”

WaxOne’s Corporate Mission 
“To bring the best hair removal products, accessories and equipment to each business and individual who needs them – no matter how large or small – at the most economically and socially fair price.”

Company Description
Simply put – WaxOne is a company who’s mission is help our customers provide their clients with a  superior waxing experience without the need for unnecessarily overpriced products.  

Why WaxOne? 5 Firm Reasons
Let’s be brutally honest – Waxing is kind of barbaric.  Your customers will love the results.. but I can guarantee they don’t love act.  

The Act –  Pulling hair out of the skin to leave a soft, hair free look and feel.  Sounds like a great time right?  WaxOne uses high quality ingredients to precisely bind to the hair follicle and not to the skin.  This ensures all hairs are removed with each strip while minimizing pain and client irritation.

1.      WaxOne Time – Every Time.  Literally.  With each application of either of our Hard or Strip Wax every hair will be removed with the first application.  This eliminates the need for additional wax applications saving you time and product.

2.      Ability to apply the wax thinner – Our low temp wax is comfortable going on and allows for the thinnest application possible (seriously..try it) again minimizing the amount of product used.

3.      Time Savings – Applying once per area and applying thinner will decrease your time spent on a client allowing you to book more clients in the day.  Thinner application yields a faster dry time allowing you to get more areas done in a shorter amount of time.

4.      WaxOne will not snap or break – guaranteed.  This really should be #1 and is the hallmark of high quality ingredients.  No snapping, cracking or breaking keeps you and your client happier for sure.

5.      WaxOne cost less…. Great wax doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be great.  Simple and true.