Detox Travel Pack Mini Set

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Bon voyage breakouts. This refillable, TSA-friendly set of clarifying essentials helps clear and prevent blemishes when you’re on the road. It’s the perfect antidote to bacteria-filled airplane air, sudden humidity changes and other environmental factors that can cause post-flight breakouts.

What it does:
• Suppresses acne-causing bacteria to reduce and prevent breakouts
• Minimizes the appearance of scarring and promotes healing
• Calms inflamed areas and absorbs excess oil

What it includes:
• Detox Deep Pore Cleansing Duo 1 oz
• Clear as Day Milk Cleanser 1 oz
• Hydrate Super Moisture Serum 1 oz
• Make Amends Healing Moisture Cream sample

• Let’s Be Clear Here Gel Cleanser sample
• Clear It Blemish Control Gel sample


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